The Observer Observed

Leonardo Fróes

When I lose myself in thought,

because I find, in the animal

I am watching intently, a more interesting

object of study, than me and my frailties

or my immoderate joys;


and leaving aside, in the process,

any and all vestige of who I am,

memories, duties or dates

or paints that still hurt;


when, stiff, still and alert,

so as not to frighten it,

I confuse myself with the animal,

already unsure which one of us

belongs to my consciousness of myself–


–something greater establishes itself

in this lack of distinction between us:

the glory, the beauty, the relief,

matter cohering impersonally, eternity. 


Fróes, Leonardo “The Catcher in the Persimmons”. Ottawa: FlipSide, 2017. p.11. Translation by Rob Packer.

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