Justification of god

Leonardo Fróes

what I call god is much vaster

and sometimes far less complex

than what I call god. One day

it was a hornet’s nest in the rain

that I called god in the hospital

where I felt the suffering of others 

and the casual patience of the insects

fighting to build in spite of the water.

I have also called a door god

and a tree I once stepped inside

to restore my strength

after a thunderous defeat.

God is my highest level of relative understanding

at the point of total despair

when a flower flutters or a mad

dogs comes towards me with camaraderie.

And it is even the word god that I ascribe

to the most beautiful instincts, in the rain,

noticing that on the changeable ground

what I call the soul has bloomed and succumbed over and over

in the chemistry of my desires

to offer up some thing. 


Fróes, Leonardo “The Catcher in the Persimmons”. Ottawa: FlipSide, 2017. p.15. Translation by Rob Packer.

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