RĂ©gis Bonvicino

The maned wolf is a tame creature

fleeing whenever threatened

he is solitary

averse to sunlight, timid


he hates and avoids cities

to flee from the

increasingly inevitable

feral dog attacks


he crosses highways

and is almost always run over by cars

an omnivore with weak jaws,

he feeds on, eggs, fruit, and mice


sometimes, when he’s lost,

he scavenges for food in street garbage cans

choking on pieces of plastic

bottles or styrofoam he’s chewed on


he cuts himself or dies when biting

into fluorescent light bulbs

or swallowing electric wires

he dies from licking insecticides


or leftover paint

or swallowing expired drugs

or disposable

needles and syringes


docile, guileless,

he is easily captured and killed

by fur traffickers

when he then howls




Bonvicino, Régis. “Endangered.” Trans. Odile Cisneros. Beyond the Wall. Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2017. pp. 135-37.


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