To the Nth Power

RĂ©gis Bonvicino

Upside-down ants

and two-headed turtles in puddles

trees in drawers

upside-down ants


the dry earth in slow motion


request the heads of ants

excluding the Azteca

and of those surviving in gardens and on stones

upside-down ants

with arithmetical arguments

in summer overweight

tread on other ants

tracing trails on road lanes

limping ants, faded jungle flowers

upside-down ants

lacking fables

showing claws

trafficking in termites

at times, in dull rhythm

they walk with upturned legs –

scent of death in the debris

they hate stems and crumbs

they suck on broomsticks in sewers

their nests form thick clouds

upside-down ants

termites on their own terms

hegemony of identical ants

to the Nth power




Bonvicino, Régis. “To the Nth Power.” Trans. Odile Cisneros. Beyond the Wall. Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2017, pp. 102-5.

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