Impenetrable Fortress

Josely Vianna Baptista

and nothing is nothing, not even fog  

- nothing: the silver in black, the  

glow in dark, the risk in  

error, and between the black and the  

silver: darkness, and between the dark  

and the glow: silver, and between the  

silver and the black: error,  

and between the error, the self:  

shear-eyes without ballast,  

face of plankton, drifting lamp 

lacking light or rudder in the  

pitch-turquoise, ultramarine 

and the black in silver 

and the dark in glow, just 

your smile in the middle headed to 

the nothing, the black cloud in the 

white clouds, the light-edge 

and the splinter-mist and I  

turned around and I saw fog - nothing 

under the sun: in the sand-air 

of the dismemory, the word 

light engraved on the red 

rock primrose aura  

hints at rain: brittle 

scene, rainbow making 

rays, rays that chill 

the sealine and vibrate  

retinas, humid  

nostrils, purple of the branches  

that straighten themselves in 

strips, wrinkles that spread 

into sargasso rope, 

fever of your eyes 

folding itself in fans, 

primroses that roll, 

curl themselves on the shore, saw 

the storm: the black-oil 

of the land and vandal  

waves in us, drifting 


Vianna Baptista, Josely. "Impenetrable Fortress.", translated by Rebecca Kosick

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