Old Sun I Salute You

Homero Aridjis

(In homage to the Comte de Lautréamont)

To Chloe




Old sun, I salute you

when you appear in the center of the sky

like a yolk sunny-side-up

surrounded by white insidious cloud.


I salute you, Sun of the polluted city,

when everyone passes

cursing the heat,

not even giving you a glance.


I salute you, Sun of the cold walls

and deserter rooms

where nobody lives nor looks in.


I salute you, unique eye,

            white pupil

            of night overall




I salute you, old Sun of the jovial face,

forever different and similar to yourself,

grand solitary, handsome in your blue kingdom.


I salute you, Sun of the vital rays,

you who move with a musical measure

through this ancient sky.


I salute you, Sun of the icy mornings

brimming like an anemic yolk

over the horrible buildings.


I salute you, Sun of the bloody afternoons

when your beams beat death’s tom-

toms on the temple walls


I salute you, sun of the playful mysteries

when your thoughts prance like golden

jaguars on the mountain peaks.


I salute you, Sun of the blind

when you descend along black hands

playing stringed instruments in the street.


I salute you, sun of the bruised lips

and wounds that never close,

as you alight on the bodies of the dead.


I salute you, Sun of the total eclipses,

when, encircled by the dark,

you see us, inside out.


Old Being, I salute you,

            Unique Eye

            white Pupil

            of my night overall.




Aridjis, Homero. “Old Sun I Salute You.” Poemas solares: Solar Poems. Trans. George McWhirter. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 2010. p. 63.

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