A Love Poem

Homero Aridjis

When I speak into the silence


when a chain of grey Sundays

is all I have to give


when a bare bed all

I have to share this passion on

that the bodies of this world can’t satisfy


when the words in Spanish don’t suffice

to say what I see


when my eyes and motion and my voice

are struck dumb


when I have cast out the dread

of dying every death


when I have no more time to be me,

or yen to be what I’ve never been


when an eternity of nothings and unremembering

is all I have to offer


eternities in which I cannot see or touch you

stir you to jealousy or murder you


when I can no more answer for myself

than I have day or body


then will I be yours

then I will love you always




Aridjis, Homero. “A Love Poem.” Trans. Geoge McWhirter. Eyes to See Otherwise: Selected Poems = Ojos, de otro mirar. Eds. Betty Ferber and George McWhirter. New York: New Directions Book, 2002. p. 225.

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