Urbane Virtuoso, as Shepherd

Leonardo Fróes

Summon the forest the budding the sap

that hems costly handicrafts

under the garden’s gentle bonds inquire

with what patient love

morning’s bright threads were woven

whose undulating curtains hewn on the hills

abjure all suspect forms

urbanized or transmitted

by imperfect literary forms

of assimilating the world espy

this nakedness of things that give in

to the liquor of their own creation the slow

growth roots

shades the grass’s unpredictable

attempts the lazy illusion

of clouds that wander off

and suddenly rain over the field

a cold fan of clear water hear

this mute message blown by

this minute: live invoke glimpse invent

but ask nothing. 


Fróes, Leonardo “The Catcher in the Persimmons”. Ottawa: FlipSide, 2017. p.07. Translation by Rob Packer.

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