The Origin of Weaving

Cecilia Vicuña


from oriri: the coming out of the stars



from weban, wefta, Old English

weft, cross thread


the coming out

of the cross-star


the interlacing of

warp and weft


to imagine the first cross

intertwining of branches and twigs

to make a nest

to give birth


the first spinning of a thread

to cross spiraling

a vegetable fiber imitating a vine


the first thread coming out of fleece trapped in



the first cross to warp and weft

union of high and low, sky and earth,

woman and man


the first know, beginning of the spiral:

life and death, birth and rebirth


textile, text, context

from teks: to weave, to fabricate, to make wicker or

    wattle for mud-coverd walls (Paternosto)

sutra: sacred Buddhist text

      thread (Sanskrit)


tantra: sacred text derived from the Vedas: thread


ching: as in Tao Te Ching or I Ching

                    sacred book: warp

                    wei: its commentaries: weft


Quechua:     the sacred language

                     derived from q’eswa:

                     rope or cord made of straw


to weave a new form of thought:


bring together in one

Vicuña, Cecilia. “Unravelling Words & the Weaving of Water”. Minnesota: Graywolf Press, 1992. p. 9-10. Translated by Eliot Weinberger and Suzanne Jill Levine.

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